When it comes to your family’s safety, it’s important to consider the places where you spend most of your time. We’re here to help with your environment.


Enviroquest offers a variety of services to help you identify and treat potential issues in buildings. From property inspection and environmental testing to radon remediation, we are here to help you feel safer in your home and office.

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A home inspection is an essential part of buying or selling a home and can identify potential problems with a house.

Our inspections are done by certified inspectors to ASHI standards, the best in the business.



Radon gas is a big problem in PA. A simple test can tell you if it is affecting your family. If it is, we can help.

Our trained, experienced Radon teams are certified by the PA DEP.



Need service for your office, school, or church? We service commercial properties too.

Our technicians are certified and experienced with all kinds of commercial buildings.


Why Choose Us?


Enviroquest has provided real estate support services to central Pennsylvania since 1991. Our customers know that if they have a question or problem, we will take care of it immediately.


Hard work, determination, and plain good service have made Enviroquest what it is today. We adhere to the highest industry standards and strive for unprecedented professionalism on every job we take.


Our inspectors are all ASHI or InterNACHI certified and we are licensed with the state of Pennsylvania for radon mitigation and testing.


We currently have 3 qualified inspectors and 2 teams of radon technicians to better serve you.

Our service range includes Harrisburg, Lancaster, York, and everything else within a 1 hour radius of our office in Harrisburg, and we have no up-charge for weekend work when available.

Buying a home can be exciting, momentous, and meaningful. However, it can also be stressful – especially if you’re not sure how to gauge the physical condition of a house. Making sure you have all the information before you make such a significant decision as buying real estate simply makes sense. That’s where the experts at Enviroquest come in. While you focus on the home’s style, size, layout, price, and neighborhood, we can take care of evaluating its major systems – like the plumbing, heating, and electrical. Then we’ll provide you with a written report (click here for a sample report) to help you make the best buying decision possible. The information gained from an inspection can help you get the maximum safety and savings from your purchase. Call the best home inspection company, Enviroquest, for your inspection today!

What does a typical inspection cover?

External conditions and surfaces.
Foundations, slabs, and floors.
Roof, attic, ventilation and insulation.
Walls and ceilings.
Plumbing and electrical systems.
Garage, driveway, and walkways.
Heating/cooling systems.

Benefits of an Enviroquest inspection:

200% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied at the end of your inspection, not only will we refund the inspection fee, we will also pay for another licensed inspector of your choice.
Detailed, easy to read reports are delivered digitally within 24-48 hours.
Color photos make things easy to understand.
We point out major and minor deficiencies to give you a complete picture of your home’s condition.
Major expenditures coming up are identified so you can budget for these potential deficits.
If you are new to home ownership, we show you how the various systems work.
Any conditions found are reviewed and explained. Our inspectors are available by phone to help you with any additional questions that come to you later.
Our certified inspectors collectively bring over 30 years of experience in inspection in addition to their prior experience in related fields.
We use an honest 3rd party reporting system that does not allow alteration of a report once it has been sent. Each version is date and time stamped and saved off site. If revisions are needed, we can generate a new version of the report.
We offer a multiple service discount for bundling wood destroying insect inspection or Radon testing.

We offer many more services to complement your home inspection including Radon Testing, Water Testing, Mold Testing and Wood Destroying Insect Inspection. If you have additional questions or concerns we may be able to help with those as well. Click here for more information on inspection related services or Contact Us for a free quote.

Other Services We Offer

Although Inspections and Radon services are our main focus, Enviroquest offers these additional services to complement them. They can also be done by themselves if needed. We offer discounts for bundling many of these services with a home inspection.

Radon Testing and Mitigation

The purpose of this screening-type measurement is to quickly determine if a house contains high concentrations of radon gas. This measurement should provide information for deciding if there is a need for additional measurements or remediation. The standard testing procedures are based on the assumption that the greatest source of radon is the soil underlying the house. If other sources are suspected, additional measurements in different locations in the home may be considered. In the event that your Radon level does indicate that mitigation is needed, we are equipped to help you out with that. We utilize a third-party unaffiliated lab to analyze our tests. See our Radon Services page for more information on Radon. 

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

Are you concerned about the possible impact of wood destroying insects such as termites or powder post beetles? You may want this inspection. This is not covered in a standard whole house inspection because not everyone needs it. If you are purchasing a home, this type of inspection may be required by your lender. Make sure you confirm what is needed with them.

Water Testing

If your property has a well, you may want to test the water for contaminants. We can test for a variety of contaminants, such as bacteria, E.coli, lead, nitrates, total dissolved solids, etc. If you are purchasing a home with a well, your lender may require specific contaminants to be tested. For your convenience, we have sets of testing that are designed to match requirements for conventional or FHA financing, but we always recommend checking with your lender to make sure their requirements are covered. If you live in a home with a well, we recommend having your water tested annually to make sure any filtration or purification systems are still working properly

Mold Testing

If you suspect a building has a mold issue, you may want to do an air test for mold spores. This will tell you exactly what kind of mold you are dealing with and can give you clues as to what is causing it, as well as whether remediation is called for.

Single Item Inspection

An inspection to ASHI standards of a single item or system of a house (i.e. plumbing, roof, porches, etc.). See our Inspection page for more info.

Passive House

Enviroquest is a Certified Passive House Consultant and builder and we are ready to help you save money and energy now by turning your house into a Passive House. A Passive House is an advanced energy-efficient standard which produces superior indoor quality while reducing heating energy use. Any remaining heat demand is provided by an extremely small source. An energy recovery ventilator also provides a constant, balanced fresh air supply. The Passive House system can save up to 90% of space heating costs. Local materials are used in combination with water and energy conservation technologies. On-site generation of renewable energy means a much lower environmental impact than a standard house and lower bills for you. If you are interested in pursuing a Passive House project, contact us for more information.

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